Ledeck German Shepherd Dogs
Affiliated to the German Shepherd Dog Federation of SA

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About us

Peter has been associated with the breed since 1947. He is a "retired" senior Breed judge and Breed Surveyor. During the 1980's he received an Italian award as well as a German award  for services rendered to the German Shepherd dog and in September 2003 he received the "Presidents award" for services rendered to the German Shepherd Dog in South Africa. Together with  his son Clayton he  trained their dog Aaron of Ledeck V1 (NBS) to a IPO 2 in 2013. Colin is actively involved in the kennels located in Reydal/Tarlton. He is an aspirant breed judge and involved in many national activities. Raymonda takes care off the administration and looks after the well being the dogs. She is a keen horse rider and has a stable with Friesland horses Justin trains the dogs and is a future breed survey helper.